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Happy Green World

Green World is an environmental educational program on waste for kids. It consists out of a teacher's guide, student book and a game. Kids will repeat with every activity the importance of dealing with waste in a more sustainable way. Kids become aware of the fact that waste is actually a resource and is still valuable for use. Reduce, reuse and recycling is the way to clean and green the world.

When Marlou Bessem, an environmental consultant, moved to Cairo and became aware of the fact that most people in Egypt were less conscious of the effects waste has on their country, water, air, food and health. The pollution was very visible and everywhere. There must be something to make a difference! She started to make a series of workshops for the local schools, farmers and compound on how to preserve natural resources like water, energy and how to recycle waste into compost. After meeting the right people we started to put our knowledge and workshops in writing. This way we can reach more people all over the world. The Green Egypt (Arabic) and Green World (English) books are now used by national and international schools in Egypt. Now we are working in a team of 15 active volunteers. We aim to reach more and more countries all over the world and especially those countries that are not environmentally conscious and deal with tremendous amounts of waste. Start with the youngest generation and make that change!

Website: http://www.happygreenworld.org