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Stichting Children’s Khazana Foundation was founded in the Netherlands. Its goal is to support the Children's Development Khazana organization in Mumbai in their mission to provide structure for the children and their families, as well as to raise awareness and funds.

Children’s Development Khazana works in the slums of Mumbai to support street children by providing them with a simple but solid system to manage their financial lives. CDK is based on banking and cooperative principles. All children between 9­ and 18 can benefit from CDK.

Many of these children live in the streets, sleep under bridges and eat what they find in rubbish bins. These children are often unregistered and their chances to break this cycle of poverty are limited. The money they earn is often spent immediately, not only due to necessity, but also because they have no where to keep it safe. CDK gives children an account book and helps them save the little cash they have for later. It gives them control over their income and as such introduces them to the concept of controlling their own future.

Any child can save with the Khazana, which is their own and is run by children like them, under the guidance of adult facilitators. Implemented as part of life skill education, CDK enables its members to earn a return on their deposits and its adolescent members to access advances to initiate small economic enterprises or cooperatives. CDK focuses on empowering its adolescent members to plan for their future, build their business skills and move towards a secure and sustainable future. The first step in this