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"Ideal for farmers."

Farmers Today is registered as a non-profit-making media outlet by the Uganda Media Council. In a team of zealous, experienced and focused personalities, Farmers Today will concentrate on inspiring and encouraging agriculture and climate change.



Our objective is to encourage farmers to love their job and have trust that they are in the right course of jumping out of poverty. This has been, for long, the objective of governments, non-governmental organisations and agencies. However, the agriculture and environmental issues are hard nuts to crack.

Today, Farmers Today has joined governments, organisations, agencies and individuals with the objectives that believe chronic hunger, food insecurity and poverty are enemies of humanity. The above have no place in this century when people are capable of resolving them by being innovative enough.


"Farmers Today will, among others, give farmers loan opportunities, market information and harvest management tips."


Farmers Today, with its multimedia approach, would like to change the approach of inspiring and motivating farmers. It is our commitment that farmers learn from each other. Each farmer has a story to tell but many of them live in clusters - the cluster of those who farm for survival (the poor) and the cluster that farms to make money (the rich).

Unfortunately, the gap between the two is wide. Farmers Today would like to bridge the gap between the two clusters by creating a forum for them so that they can share, learn and create a network for the products.


Collaboration with Dutch Farmers

We involve Dutch farmers in The Netherlands - who are rich and have a history of farming - to tell their stories to Ugandans who practice the same. With this, the farmers in Uganda will learn and have access to information locally and internationally.

They will see themselves as 'people like us' by allowing them to tell their stories. This could also create opportunities, in the long run, for the farmers to have physical contact.

With that background in mind, Farmers Today will not only link Ugandan farmers with those in The Netherlands but also give market information, weather updates, post harvest waste management and loan opportunities.


Above all, Farmers Today will elicit farmers to be environmentally conscious.