Sergei Shargunovs A Book Without Photographs follows the young journalist and activist through selected snapshots from different periods of his remarkable life. Through memories both sharp and vague, we see scenes from Shargunovs Soviet childhood, his upbringing in the family of a priest; his experience of growing up during the fall of empire and studying journalism at Moscow State University; his trip to war-torn Chechnya and Kyrgyzstan during the revolution; his first steps towards a fledgling political career. The book reflects the vast social and cultural transformations that colour Russia's recent history and mirrors the experience of an entire generation of Russians whose lives and... Lees meer

Ebook - Engels - 2013


Around the world in 80 brands

Anouk Pappers


We started a storytelling expedition around the world, meeting 'people with a vision' and 'brands with a purpose'. We write their stories in a narrative context to facilitate word-of-mouth. We believe that stories can change attitudes, behaviours and... Lees meer


The Original Gita

G.D.C. Kuiken


The original gita Comments and Word-for-Word Sanskrit Translations Available in English for the first time, The Original Gita focuses on the basic philosophical and practical essentials of life and living. The questions:What is thought? What is space-time?... Lees meer