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Into the white

Gregory De Vleeschouwer


Into the White lays bare a hidden overall logic in Kafka's work. Instead of restoring an initial but perturbed balance - the standard pattern for a piece of fiction -, Kafka's characters always do the opposite: they do everything they can to maintain the imbalance. The book shows how this should be linked to Kafka's own attitude as a writer. Writing, for Kafka, always gave birth to promises that could not be kept. It opens up gates that the writer is not allowed to enter. In the stories that deal with this, Kafka invariably points to the intricate and even impossible relationship between the artist and his or her public. By drawing on contemporary research into the constitution of human self-consciousness... Lees meer

Ebook - Engels - 2011


Happiness at work

Onno Hamburger


`If you`re ready to create a culture of engagement and connectedness at your company, this is one to read.` Jenn Lim, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness` People who feel happy at work are keen to learn, creative, productive, self-confident... Lees meer


The Original Gita

G.D.C. Kuiken


The original gita Comments and Word-for-Word Sanskrit Translations Available in English for the first time, The Original Gita focuses on the basic philosophical and practical essentials of life and living. The questions:What is thought? What is space-time?... Lees meer