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Take the positive turn to become slim and healthy on the pi...

Door Rudy Delphino
Engels | Ebook | 2013   Ebook

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-TAKE THE POSITIVE TURN TO BECOME SLIM AND HEALTHY ON THE PILGRIMAGE ROAD OF YOUR LIFE- -LOSE WEIGHT FOREVER, STAY SLIM FOREVER, -LIVE HEALTHY AND HAPPY- It's a wonderful and special moment in your life: you're holding this book in your hands. This means youre going to improve the quality of your life. This book found it's way to you. You're standing on an important intersection on your own spiritual pilgrimage road. Take a good look at all the directions. What turn do you take? Take, and walk on, the positive direction. It's a sunny way, full of light. Most people who want to lose weight only focus at their outward appearance. Most people only work at their outward appearance and fall back into the JO-JO effect after the attempt of losing weight. How about you? With the themes, principles, 7 pillars, and daily menu in this book you will discover the secret of losing weight for good. You will work at your beautiful inside and outside. You will develop spiritual consciousness regarding your self image, the way you think and behave towards your health patterns, your weight and figure. You will change the programmed patterns in yourself. By practicing the principles from this book you can and will lose weight, get healthier and stay healthy, in a healthy loving and spiritual way. By working with all the practical, psychological, and spiritual principles from this book there will be no way back to your old health patterns. By using this book on your road to your slim and healthy life you dont want to turn back to your old health patterns, simply because you changed yourself in a positive way forever. Also this book is suitable for people who lost weight and want to keep the lost weight off. Also this book is suitable for people who don't need to lose weight but want to work at their health and work at improving the quality of his or her life. Rudy Delphino / NL


Rudy Delphino
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