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Khazana Foundation

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Khazana Foundation

A large majority of children and young adults are not exposed to the money conversation and therefore have to depend on others. These children cannot break from their circumstances unless they become educated.

Without exposure to money, banking systems, and financing practices it is impossible for them to find a way to be included. Particularly those who live in poverty are affected disproportionally. Insufficient understanding of financial practices makes lives difficult as being expelled from access to the financial systems reduces opportunity. 

Our mission

Khazana Foundation's mission is to help children become functional economic citizens by supporting them in understanding finance, providing basic skills, and showing how the financial system works and how to navigate it. We believe these skills are needed at all levels of society and in particular in groups that have less opportunity and are vulnerable and open to exploitation.  Empowerment of the next generation is a responsibility for us all and should continue throughout different phases of life.

Basic financial skills for children

Khazana Foundation is building a collective platform and our primary intention is to provide basic financial skills to children. We believe that education is empowering and that access to financial practices is the key to a better life. The foundation works in the slums of Mumbai to support street children in their livelihoods by providing them with a simple but solid system to manage their money. 

Many of these children live in the streets, live under bridges, and do not have a stable home environment where shelter and food are predictable. Their chances to break this cycle of poverty are limited. The children do not make much money, but the foundation gives them the opportunity to manage what they have themselves. 

Life skills education

We give the children an account book and help them save the little money they have. This gives them control over their income and introduces them to the concept of controlling their own future. Implemented as part of life skills education, Khazana enables its members to earn a return on their deposits and its members to access advances to start small economic enterprises or cooperatives. Khazana focuses on empowering its members to plan for their future, develop their business skills and move towards a secure and sustainable future.

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